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Polaris Childrens Services

Our services for children, young people and families are designed to deliver positive outcomes using evidence based models and the latest research. In 2018, we:

  • Delivered parenting support to 4,159 families.
  • Directly contributed to the reduction of children in care through prevention and reunification services. 92% of completed cases on our Lewisham Safer Stronger Families Service resulted in a step-down.
  • Provided increased stability to over 296 families through emotional health and well-being support interventions. 87% of looked after children accessing our Caring to Care service remained in their current placement.
  • Delivered Independent Support for new Education, Health and Care Plans to over 1,521 children and their families across the UK with 96% feeling clearer or much clearer about the changes to their plan as a result.
  • Mentored 201 young people, helping them to achieve employment and education in the West Midlands area with positive pathways as a result of their interventions.
  • Delivered a total of 134 activity group sessions in the year across three of our key contracts, providing safe and enriching activities for children with varying disabilities.

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We have worked across 5 countries and over 80 Local Authority areas to deliver children and family focused support.

Our map enables you to browse our key projects in areas local to you. Please be aware that services available nationally, such as Supervised Contact, Separated Parents Information Programmes and Family Fund Assessments are not listed.

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Blackpool Enlighten Therapeutic Service

Enlighten was a service that comprised of a flexible integrated system that...

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British Forces Social Work Service

Statutory social work service for children, adults and their families across the...

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Cafcass Separated Parents Information Programme

Please be aware that we will not be delivering this service after...

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Cheshire West and Chester Caring to Care

Our service uses a whole system approach to ensure that foster carers...

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Essex Progressions

progressions@polarischildrensservices.co.uk Progressions is a pilot service that aims to test, understand, deliver and...

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Family Fund

In 2014, Polaris Children’s Services began working in partnership with the Family Fund...

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Halton Go4ward

Initial Collaborative Assessment All referrals received an initial collaborative assessment. Liaison on...

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Hampshire SENDIASS

Hampshire Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Information Advice & Support Service (SENDIASS) offer...

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Lewisham Safer Stronger Families

The Lewisham Safer Stronger Families Service was an Early Help Targeted Support...

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Liverpool Family Based Therapeutic Service

Our Family Based Therapy Service is delivered by highly skilled workers with...

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North Somerset Turning the Tide

North Somerset Council, Polaris Children’s Services, Bridges Fund Management and Outcomes for...

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Outcomes for Children

Outcomes for Children (OfC) develops and implements innovative Social Impact Bond contracts...

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Safer Stronger Families Model

In order to equip children, young people and their families with the...

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Salford Group Activities

We worked in partnership with Salford City Council to offer exciting clubs...

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South Gloucs Harmful Sexual Behaviour Service

Polaris Children’s Services are now running a service in South Gloucestershire for...

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STARS is an innovative evidence-informed service that supports children and young people...

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Take A Breath Hub

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